TrayCloud player

I’ve got a new little tool that every soundcloud-user will love. A very simple, lightweight and easy-to-use soundcloud player written in Java for any OS. As its name says, it’s intended to run in background in the system tray, giving you the best music experience while working on other stuff in the foreground.

Download, story of development and instructions here.

New android game

I’ve got a new project that’s not far from release. It’s an 2D-retro zombie shooter for Android.
Check out its page for more detailed information here.

I’ll post news and maybe some pictures on my twitter page.

tUtils – Bukkit class-collection

I recently released a new project called “tUtils”. It’s a collection of classes and methods I personally used in my own bukkit-plugin-projects. Many of them I used more often than once, so I thought about uploading a collection of them to share it with other people who may have trouble in some cases.

You can find the new project here.