Camera Controller

I build a custom camera controller, that allows you to easily take long-exposure shots or fast-forward videos.

It’s an arduino mega board, equipped with a lot of LEDs, glued into an old wooden chocolate box.
It has two modes:

  • Long exposure (bulb) mode
  • Fast forward video (repeating shots) mode

Both modes are configured with the same input elements, and use the same output, which is a standart 2.5mm phone audio connector.
It has a relay built in, which connects the two contacts of the plug, which starts the exposure.

You can set custom time intervals (for exposure length or repeating shot interval) using a potentionmeter, a little knob you can rotate.
The current set time is displayed using a binary display made out of little LEDs.

It’s either powered via the USB cable or with a 9V battery.

In case you want to give the code a look (especially the binary display controller), there you go.