Muzei extensions

Muzei is an Android live wallpaper app, that presents you a new beautiful wallpaper every day. It features some nice dimming and blurring capabilities, to remain visibility of your bright widgets in the foreground.

It features are great API, that allows developers like me, to create their own image sources, where the app pulls new wallpapers from.

I love nature photography as wallpapers (and space imagery and architecture), so I decided to try it out and made my own Muzei extensions.

Each one has a free version and a paid pro version. By purchasing the pro version, you get exclusive features and support me to create more awesome apps in the future.

You can customize the resolution and update interval. There is also an option to save mobile data usage by using wifi-only mode.

The pro version additionally features higher resolution, longer update-intervals, force-resolution mode and a watermark-remover.