tCrypt is a lightweight file encryption tool. You can easily encrypt files, to avoid stealing or illegal use of them, and simply decode them later to the orignal file again.


tCrypt was developed as a little student project for school. It took about 2 hours to finish. It uses my advanced custom ROT13-encryption algorithm that allows keys up to a length of  17179869176 bits, that’s an ASCII-key with 2147483647 characters.


Download the zipped file, extract it and double click the .jar -file. Or use the debug.bat in order to run debug mode. You need Java 1.7+ in order to run this (debug mode needs addionally the JDK).
Type in your key, then click “decode” or “encode” depending of what you want to do, select your files, and watch the magic happen. The windows might freeze during the encryption process. The encrypted files are stored in the source directory with a changed tag (“_encoded” or “_decoded”). You won’t be able to open encoded files at all (if they have a special format like MP3 or JPEG), because the encryption messes up the whole byte-structure. In order to open them again, simply decode them with the same key.


You can download tCrypt here.