Story of development

I love soundcloud. It’s a like a huge store full of music of different genres you can’t even imagine. But it’s free.
I’m using soundcloud as my personal music source for a while now. But often I just want to listen to the music I favorited instead of exploring thousands of tracks with thousands of functions on the soundcloud homepage.
I wanted a lightweight player that just plays continuously. I looked on the soundcloud-apps page, but there was nothing I really liked.
So I looked through the API and thought, yep let’s do that.
This application was developed in only 2 days*




TrayCloud is a simple soundcloud player. Login, select a set, a stream of a person you follow or your favorites and play them. You can also play tracks from a given SoundCloud-URL. It’s name is TrayCloud because you can minimize it to the tray so it won’t disturb.
It uses the Soundcloud API Wrapper for Java as well as the JLayer Framework.
In order to save data-transfer-volume it can cache tracks that you’ve already played for later use.
It also features an offline mode for tracks that were already cached and are also available for download on


Download the file and extract it (be sure to keep the directory setup like it is in the .rar). You’ll need Java 1.7+ in order to run this application.
Double click the .jar -file to start it. You can create a link to the application that can use the following launch-parameters:
(order is not important)

  • debug : enables debug-mode
  • nodelcor : disabled deletion of corrupted files
  • instantlogin : enables instant-login, only available if a lastlogin available
  • notraymsg : disables tray-popups
  • nocache : disables caching of tracks


The menu / playlist picker

The actual player


You can download the application here.
Make sure to check the download directory from time to time, it gets updated often.


*The core player and menu. Additional features such as coverart displaying took a bit longer.
The banner and logo were made using elements from this source