Hi I’m Tobi,

a student from Germany, and this is my personal blog.

I love nutella, bikes, sailing and technology.

I’m using this blog as a kind of portfolio, as a place where I can put my finished projects to share them.

I started learning HTML as well as PHP and basic SQL in 2011 when I had my first internship. I became very interested in programming and decided to direct my career in that way. A year later I started learning Java from ground up completly by myself. In late 2013, I started developing for Android, which was a great way to reach more people with my creations. Successful “bigger” projects that were worth uploading are now available to the public in the projects- and the tutorial-section. I further learned a bit C and C++ in school and for developing software for Arduino.
Everything you can find here is entirely made by me and available for download (mostly for free). If you want to get some source codes or help for your own projects let me know (see contact), I’d love to help.

- Tobi

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