PixelSlay is a 2D-tilebased retro zombie shooter for android smartphones. It’s my first “big” project fully developed to work on mobile devices.

Player TextureThe player “you”

A mysterious box, what’s in it ?

Key features


  • Fully randomly generated terrain with random spawn-spots
  • Online leaderbord – Share your scores with everyone and compare them
  • Fully self-written gameengine based on native canvas
  • Featured design & Pixelart by Nils G. and SmurphDesigns


  • Multiple zombie types with different behavior/difficulty
    • Normal
    • Pus-Zombie
    • Armored-Zombie
  • Mutliple unlockable weapons
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Assault rifle
    • Rocketlauncher
    • Minelauncher
    • Spacegun
  • Randomly spawned items such as Ammo- or Healthpacks

An armored zombie …

Better shoot him with this thing


  • Self-written (kinda) 3D-Soundengine
  • Featured music and sound effects from BitBurner


First screenshot, made with the windows android emulator


The development (including planning) started in mid-march. The first alpha-version was on 20th May 2013 available for the public. I didn’t work 10 hours straight every day, it was more like a background project that became some attention and new lines of code whenever I had time and pleasure.
The project started as a a little kind of challenge for me, to make something bigger than the usual little game projects for computers.
It turned out pretty well and the game is up and running as well as the serverside-software and the php-scripts. It was a great experience and a big addition to my portfolio.

The game was developed for Android 2.1 (because my old phone’s newest available version is unfortunately only 2.1), but it should be 100% compatible with newer operation systems. It uses OpenGL 1.0 (canvas) for rendering as well as the native audio framework for audio output.

People who helped making this possible:
- Nils G. (aka. iNils) (graphic design)
- SmurphDesigns (graphic design)
- Tobias Fritz (basic canvas help)
- BitBurner (audio design)
- Neogreen (server sponsoring)

I don’t really know when this project is really released or actually finished. I think I’ll add some stuff (new monsters or weapons) from time to time. As long as alpha-access is available people are able to get the game that way. When all accounts are in use someday, I’ll do a final bugfix, name it “beta” and make it available for everyone.
If you are interested in helping me developing this further to enhance the features, please let me know (see contact).

Known issues

There are a bunch of “known” bugs which I’m unable to fix. For example when the game suddenly crashes. This most likely happens because there wasn’t enough memory available when trying to load a new resource that wasn’t loaded on launch or if android messes up the thread-synchronization.
There is a error-catcher that displays some information about the error for debugging.
Multitouch is buggy on devices with version earlier than Android 2.2. Most devices have a “fake-multitouch” that can recognize gestures as zooming or scrolling but getting easily confused if two pointers (fingers) are close to each other on one axis. To avoid that I only allowed multitouch for devices that have a decent display (most likely Android 4.0 or higher).


Became interested ? Please help me making it better. You can download and play PixelSlay today. It’s currently not available in the market, but with a few tricks you can get it running either.
In order to play, please follow the instructions provided on the alpha-download-page. Keep in mind there are only a few downloads available.