Just for fun and a bit for school-purpose, I created a quick tool which lets you encrypt* MD5-hashes (For getting an encrypted password for example).

It’s a console application and has only 2 commands:

exit : exits the programm
dehash <hash> <resultcount> <charsetarg> : dehashes the given hash using bruteforce

hash : your hash
resultcount : the number of required results til the programm stops
charsetarg : the arguments for the choosen charset. Valid are “ger”,”all”,”def”,”charonly”,”charlower”.

The longer the password and the bigger the charset are, the longer the programm takes. Passwords longer than 6 characters will take hours.

You need to start the programm either using your commandline or with the shipped .bat-file. You may need the JDK in order to use this.

I’m not responsible for any damage that may occur to your system. Do not use this programm for non-legal purpose. Only use it to test your own passwords.

Download: Download rared-Archive

*It doesn’t really encrypts the hash, because this isn’t possible. It uses bruteforce to guess the right string which produces that given hash.