reLog – remote logcat

reLog is a simple tool to read the log of a real physical android device comfortably on your pc or mac. Instead of looking through the log on the tiny screen of your device or using the emulator with its limited features, you can now do whatever you want and receive the log in real-time on multiple computers.

Your computer and the Android-device need to be in the same lan-network in order to use this tool. It might also work if you forward the used port on your router when trying to connect via internet-connections.

All messages containing “GC_FOR” are not printed, because the app-internal buffer to read the log-files causes much trash, that would spam the log with tons of “GC_FOR…” messages.


1. Download
- download the package (.apk -app and pc-client) from here: Download reLog
2. Installation
- Enable Installation-from-sdcard on your android device. Copy the .apk onto your devices sd-card and install it using a file-explorer like “linda manager”
- Put the .jar somewhere on your computer.
3. Use
- Launch the server on your phone first. Launch the app and click “Start server” (If you have troubles with the port, change it).
- Launch the .jar on your computer. Enter the LAN-IP-address of your device and the port. Then click “connect”. You should see the log now.


The apps GUI