The idea came in my mind when working for the server-client communication for a little game when suddenly my router crashed, because there were like 1.000.000+ UDP-packets flying around. So I decided to give it a try to put that into a customizable tool.

UDPFlood or UDPF is a little tool to test your routers behavior under heavy data utilization.
It sends continuesly UDP-Datapackets with a pre-defined buffer-length to a target IP and port. It also can use multithreading to run multiple threads at once to flood the target.

Image source: http://bilder.4ever.eu/andere/welle-158137¬†(User “Mat’o”)

Main-Window :

Target IP : the IP of the target computer / router
Number of threads : how many threads should flood the target ?
Packet delay : the amount of nanoseconds between each packet (per thread) is send
Target port : the target port of the flooding-process. Leave blank if you dont know
Timeout : The timeout for the pinger after which the target is marked as dead

Flooding-Window :

Console shows all important information. Press “Start” button to start flooding. There are several other information-bars which you can discover for yourself.

Warning : Only use this tool to test your own hardware. I’m not responsible for any damage which may occur to your or other systems.

You need Java 1.7+ in order to run this.

Download :

Download (.EXE wrapped JAR windows only)
Download (.JAR)