QuickSwap is a free LAN-Filesharing tool. As the name says, you can quickly send files to other computers in you network without an usb-stick or something.

HowTo send a file:

1. The sender should create a contact with the receiver’s name and IP. (if you dont know the IP, open your commandline and type ‘ipconfig’ (on windows)).
2. The receiver has to go in “receive a file” mode.
3. The sender has to go in “send a file” mode, choose the receiver’s contact an choose the file.
4. Now just lean back and watch the magic happen.

Technical information:

QuickSwap uses UDP for authentification and TCP for transmitting the file. If you get errors, you should try to open the port 1045 (both TCP and UDP) in your firewall.

Download :  http://itoobi.de/downloads/quickswap/

! You need java 1.7+ in order to run this