Endless Runner

Endless Runner is a little java game I made to test some features of the Slick engine and a random-world-generation-algorithm.
It ended up in a game like doodle jump where you can endlessly run and have to jump over obstacles and other stuff.



The only key you need is SPACE. To jump hold space. When you releasing it, the doodle will jump. If you just hit space very shortly it’ll jump not that high. If you hold space instead about 1 second it’ll jump higher and more far. When you’re in mid-air you can already reload the jump-power for your next jump by holding SPACE. The jump will start when you release it and the doodle touches the ground. With that in mind it’s possible to have complex jumping mechanics. Some obstacles require tricky jump combinations.


1. Download the game here : http://itoobi.de/downloads/endlessrunner/
2. Extract the .zip
3. Start the game with the EndlessRunner.exe the client.jar or the RUN_NORMAL.bat