Hi folks,
I just hit 100’000 installs on one of my Muzei HD Wallpaper apps.


On this occasion, I’d like to shout a big thank you to whoever uses my work!


As you might noticed, I did not post anything for a long time. This is most likely due to the increased workload at the university and in my company.

However – as a little hint – there’s a new Android game in development right now. It’s about skill, reaction time and fast thinking.

Stay tuned!

New app

Yusss! I’m going to be part of the HWR University Berlin. Couldn’t easily access the schedule plan though. Just made an app for that…

Get HWR Schedule App on Google Play

SerStats Gameserver Monitoring

New app released!

With SerStats Gameserver Monitor, you can keep track of your gameservers easily.
Featuring real-time player statistics, live widgets, push notifications, etc…

 App currently not available – sorry.